The Mighty AET- AET Days 1

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AET is a project name. Since I have to ensure the confidentiality of my company and not violate any policies, this post just talks one with some of my personal/technical experience I had. There wont be any client information or project based information.

My days with 4th floor of Bhavani comes to an end by end of December and I was allocated to another team. They were seated on ground floor of Bhavani and I also to migrate from 4th floor to 1st floor. Its a terrific movement and I was in between two persons. Since UST has more employees which Bhavani can able to accomodate. So we sitting closely and doing our work.

In this new project I met Priya, Tintu, Prashan,Meenakshi and Smitha. I also met lot others, but these are guys which I worked so close. Smitha is a wonderful person and she supports every time and she’s now only of my advisers. Its always free to talk with her. She is married to another Ussosiate named Saran and staying near to Technopark.  The project was so critical and unfortunately we took a few more time to deliver to clients with quality.

Meenachil River

Meenachil River

Rinu Thomas, Sam Mathew, Jubin Antony were the other persons who I met during the AET days. We had a great teamwork including weekends and extra hours to deliver the application. Its a great experience and the tightness of project made a strong relationship with us and made us closer like a family. One of my Christmas was celebrated with Smitha’s family at Pala.


Foundation Day celebrations

Foundation Day celebrations

The Foundation Day with UST Global was awesome and it was held at Al Saj Convention Center at Kazhakoottam and the food served was also wonderful. Thanks UST for such a wonderful evening and we enjoyed a lot . Cheers !!!


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Its an unexpected opportunity which I got from one of my relative to visit Hyderabad. The visit is actually a part of conference and seminar conducted an international organization. Along with me, there were three girls and the father of two. He is my father cousin and a retired employee from BSNL, also holding some responsible position with that international organization. Since I was travelling with my cousins, we just planned to make how to execute this trip wonderful.

We departed from Cochin International Airport and the plane was Air Indigo. Since its a domestic air craft and an economically one, there wont be much luxury awaiting for us. It took around 1-2 hours to reach Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad. Its a wonderful airport and the facilities were great. Also there is a nice garden which refreshes the passengers mind to a great extend. We hired an Innova and traveled to the Hotel. The Hotel they provided was a three star one and its have good facilities. At the evening we spend time visiting local shops and walking around there.

The next day, the organizers arranged a site seeing and along with others we also went for site seeing. Hyderabad was now part of Telungana and I felt like a dirty city. The roads are very big , but there is no good foot paths and pathetic traffic.  People are always violating traffic signals and we witnessed 2,3 accidents which are minor, but still can be avoided if they obey traffic rules.



We visited museum by Nizzams of Hyderabad and visited a wonderful park in a properly maintained way. We spend some time there and evening we back to room. The dinner was from the famous restaurant for Hyderabad biriani called ‘Paradise’. We saw lot of famous dignitaries visited a leaves their sign. This includes some of former prime ministers, international leaders, actors and cricket stars. Since we practiced Malabar biriani, for us its not went well. The dinner of 3 costs around 1500-1800 INR.

Paradise Hyderabad

Paradise Hyderabad

The next day we had the conference and seminars. We met lot of people and followed by the event there was a buffet lunch was arranged and after the lunch we rushed to airport for returning flights. Thanks for Sree Lakshmi, Sree Lekha and Lavanya for the wonderful time❤ u all.  We left Hyderabad in Spice Jet aircraft and reached Kochi same within 3 hours. Thanks for a wonderful journey:)

Shyam Saran,the first voter of the world’s largest democracy

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Think and Cast

Think and Cast

Just Read Thakazhi !!!

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Thakazhi, is one of the greatest story teller in malayalam literature. Accidentally I got a book which was written by him called Randidangahzhi . Words are limiting me to express the feelings when I read that book. Its a must read book and you will read it in a flow. I read first his book titled ‘ Thottiyude Makan’. Both the books gives an idea about the pathetic condition of backward and poor people in Kerala and how they were treated by the others. Kindly read that one as its a wonderful book from a great author. Both the book was published by DC books, Kottayam and available in all major book shops.

Technopark Records 1

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Its a couple of months in Trivandrum and the initial months very boring without any friends to roam. Jithin aka Janu was the one guy. He’s a administrator in a reputed organization with lot of responsibilities. He can spend some time with me to have Chicken Masala Dosa from a cafe near to Tata LXI Building inside technopark. As usually he was very peaceful guy and takes time for eating with patience and a cup of black tea. Once he finished, he rushed to office to resume his duties. A couple of time, he may get phone calls from office for his approval or advises , he’s simply busy man. But he gives me a company when I request for his time. Kudos to Janu❤ u !!!

It was a bad idea to have a company with an extremely busy person during office hours will finally ends him in to troubles. Suddenly I got a call from Akhil Nambiar from Kochi and he said he is joining to Infosys soon and will be in Trivandrum. Its a glad news and finally he joined Infy. He will be free after 5:30 pm and he visit Technopark. He was working with Infy in Infy’s campus outside technopark, around 4 kms. Once he reached technopark, we will roam all the building having coffee or kulfies from Tejaswini. Also we have invested our time to count the pretty girls in the campus. Akhil was bought up in North India hates South Indian snacks and I get to eat North Indian dishes with suggestions from Akhil. He also introduced Khulfi which I heard only in Hindi movies. But Khulfi available in Tejaswini is just only for the name, actual will vary from this. Its a terrific time with him. With his time, my evenings were wonderful and awesome.

But day time was dry because of no much friends for lunch. Then there was a walk in and I refereed two friends to UST. Both cleared all the rounds and joined in technopark in a gap of one month. The first one joined was Vyas Dev and he got allocation to a banking project. Then my days was awesome, we experienced lot of dishes from various food counters across technopark and he makes my day time much better than that of the past.

Soon Praveen, he was my colleague at Orion also joined here. Both Vyas and Pravi was into same project and he also made a company and we made lot of friends from their team. We decided to change to a new home, but unfortunately that was dropped loosing Rs 1000. Me and Pravi were moved to one of my friends home. His name was PremRaj and we worked and stayed together at Ernakulam during my Alwaye days. He is a good cook and we got a room there. Its a 3BHK concreted building with a well and covered parking area. Its a nice home but it was occupied by 7 people including us. Ajeesh, Nikhil, Binu,Prem, Jimman (Arun) are the other inmates there. All are working with Technopark and its a wonderful time. We cocked from Kanji to Biriani including Chicken and Fish.

My seating was changed to 4th floor and then I got a laptop. So I can sit anywhere. Then I became friends with a lot of freshers joined to my team. They were good people and they are working as QA. Some of my team mates are Mathew, Rajesh Nair, Archana, Sandhyachechi, Rejiya, Kiran, Arun Hidayath etc. We enjoyed a wonderful Onam together as well as some functions and competitions inside UST.

I met another friend called Priya, she was from Thiruvalla and joined as a fresher. We quickly became friends and she helped me to take tickets while travelling back to my home. Its a good time with her and finally she got transfer to UST, Kochi. Once she went to Kochi, she got a proposal from her father’s friend and it got finalized and she requests for a transfer back to Trivandrum. Wishing all the best for a wonderful married life:)

I also had some friends which I saw very rarely. They are those who joined with me. Aparna, Heera, Arun etc were some of those I can able to connect and communicate. Also I should remember Sreenath, who also joined with UST almost the same time I joined. He was into mobility and having training for a  long period. One day he was very happy to know he was allocated to good project. But we lost him by an accident with KSRTC. An employee of UST identifies him because of his tie and tried to reach hospital. Since he was not wearing helmet, there’s a serious internal injury happened and he dead on the way to hospital. Its a sad moment and we were in Medical Colleage till his parents arrived. Also met Jessen and tried maximum to help his parents and relatives. Thanks Santhosh from REFM team for all the supporting us and the facilities provided on an emergency situation.

Transforming Lives @UST Global

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Its a few months I joined one of the largest companies in Kerala which has a corporate head quarters located in the United States and Indian regional head quarters in Kerala. This is also one of companies which provides more job opportunities in Kerala from the IT sector.  UST Global is a private organization having a lot of clients in retail, banking and financial, travel, entertainment, manufacturing and logistics etc.  Its one of first CMMI Level 7 certified organization in India and it has presence in multiple locations across globe.

One of main reason for me to choose UST is the recommendation from the existing and former employees. The work culture and organizational policies are unique and they always feels to rejoin with UST if they get a chance. So I thought to work with them. One of the main issue with UST is the compulsory dress code during the working hours. In UST, employees need to be in formal dress with a tie. While considering the temperature in Kerala, people think twice regarding the dress code. But UST allows employees to take off tie while going outside of the office premises. Technopark trivandrum is a wonderful green campus with a lot of other companies like Allianz, Infosys, Oracle etc and many more startups which offers more package and employee friendly policies than these big brands. The life in technopark is entirely different from what I had in Infopark. The environment is very great to work here and there were lot of cultural and technical programs were conducted by various companies and organizations to make employees happy and feels relaxed.

I was allocated to a project which was in Bhavani building and its a beautiful building which has a big space for conducting programs. Mainly Infosys, Alliance and UST occupies the building and there will be some cultural events may be twice in a month.During the time of seasonal celebrations, Bhavani will house lot of events and its practically not possible to attend all the functions. But the design of Bhavani offers people to have a look from above stories and back to work without coming down. Thanks to the architects of L&T and management of technopark for such a wonderful building.

Since its a MNC and having offices across India, I met Tamil,Telugu, Oriya, Hindi and Kannada persons as my colleagues. I felt like they are very friendly with a huge mind to help. UST requires employees to be part of some activities which they refers as Colors of UST. The participation of color activity is necessary and even its counted in the year end performance appraisals. Immediately I was allocated to a team which was into retail sector. I got an opportunity to work with devices like POS, Handheld, Self Check out and more interesting information from retail domain. Also UST invest a lot of charity activities including adopting a village,schools etc. If you get a chance, please try with UST and participate in “Transforming Lives”

Yet another Story Teller :)

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Its all about an great Story ” Addu Jeevitham”

In English, its known us “Goat Days”.

Its all about a story of a Najib Muhammad, a typical Keralite ,who believes that Middle East ( we Malayalies love to call it as Gulf ) will answer all his economic problems and eagerly waiting for an opportunity to reach there. Finally he got an chance and its from his friend cum relative and some how he managed to raise the fund need for his travel. The story begins with the crucial circumstances of a Kerala family and circumstances making him to fly.

It was made from a real story and the author saying in his book when he met the living Najib. The book discuss the horrible life of a Non Resident Indian (NRI) and his challenging situations during his life in the sea of sand. Also it shows an unbelievable picture of how the Urbabs (meaning lords in Arab) and the laws supports cruel sponsors. In some area, we may feel that they will treat job seekers from third world countries as slaves. Sometimes, the condition is more worst than a typical slave in 18th century.

The story is highly interesting and it will keep reader to read every sentence with high enthusiasm and I feels similar kind of inspirations happen when I read Khalid Hosseni’s Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns , Paulo Cohelo’s The Alchemist.I read the book in a full stress and the story was chasing me and even I started think to develop some kind of activities to film it. So that it can reach more audience and they can also enjoy a great story. There are some rumors that one of the director in Malayalam film industry shows his interests in making this story to a movie. I hope he can able to make this without loosing its sole.:)

Kudos to Bennyamen . The story is a great inspiration and it being loved by thousands.


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