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Its all about an great Story ” Addu Jeevitham”

In English, its known us “Goat Days”.

Its all about a story of a Najib Muhammad, a typical Keralite ,who believes that Middle East ( we Malayalies love to call it as Gulf ) will answer all his economic problems and eagerly waiting for an opportunity to reach there. Finally he got an chance and its from his friend cum relative and some how he managed to raise the fund need for his travel. The story begins with the crucial circumstances of a Kerala family and circumstances making him to fly.

It was made from a real story and the author saying in his book when he met the living Najib. The book discuss the horrible life of a Non Resident Indian (NRI) and his challenging situations during his life in the sea of sand. Also it shows an unbelievable picture of how the Urbabs (meaning lords in Arab) and the laws supports cruel sponsors. In some area, we may feel that they will treat job seekers from third world countries as slaves. Sometimes, the condition is more worst than a typical slave in 18th century.

The story is highly interesting and it will keep reader to read every sentence with high enthusiasm and I feels similar kind of inspirations happen when I read Khalid Hosseni’s Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns , Paulo Cohelo’s The Alchemist.I read the book in a full stress and the story was chasing me and even I started think to develop some kind of activities to film it. So that it can reach more audience and they can also enjoy a great story. There are some rumors that one of the director in Malayalam film industry shows his interests in making this story to a movie. I hope he can able to make this without loosing its sole. :)

Kudos to Bennyamen . The story is a great inspiration and it being loved by thousands.

UppuSodayum Njanum

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Malayalam is my mother language. I am witnessing a situation that people are loving say that they don’t know how to read and write Malayalam. Please don’t think that these guys born and bought up from outside Kerala.  So decided to start a blog during my starting of my career and due to some reasons I cannot continue or not even start writing any posts on that. After that I met Mr Joy, he is a great man having a blog in Malayalam and gives a great contributions it. He is one my mentor and he is living with his wife at Kochi. My blog name is uppusodayum Njanum and can be accessible using the link Its ‘Yet Another Blog from WordPress” and happy to use the wordpress platform again.  Please read and comment your opinions in that :)

Sandy and Offshore

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Its a horrible thing the US is facing a terrible storm named Sandy. US government tells the people to stay in a safer place and the US people were being altered by office mail. Since being part of an organization which is based on US,  I am also getting mails like not to get out of safe house. Important numbers, hospitals and emergency services.  In offshore, while  got news like our Tshirts of colleges were flown away and terrible thing is that they will be stopping the powers of our servers in order to avoid the damages. As a result the TFS was down and causes raising tickets to Infra team. They on heat to make  a server in offshore and to provide a safe storage our codes. There were no calls and lights of offshore remains off early and employees of near by companies were surprised :). The Green Charts were shifted and then builds were get delayed. Hence Sandy results us to stay back on weekends :(

Kochi !!!

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Kochi is a great place and I just enjoyed in being Kochi. Kochi is considered as the commercial capital of Kerala. There are only a few industries are working at Kochi with profitable , but I feels its getting lot of business as well. Smart city,Metro rail etc are lot of proposed plans which will brand the city. LuLu, a retail market giant is expanding its presence with India’s largest shoopping experiences. The construction area and the equipment used are not familiar to Kochikers.

Kochi is a place where you can find a lot of persons from all over Kerala . The subhash park and Marine drive aids the beauty of Arabian Sea . Kochi is set too host the cutural festival named as binnale. Lot of persons are looking what is that ??.

My experience in  Kochi is the when I came with my parents to attend a funeral. The MG road is a great wonder for me because of the street lights at the median of the road,its like a chain of light tied with an invisible thread at night.It was planned early 1900’s to accommodate the current growth of Kochi. Now also its a great passage , but the improper and unscientific traffic made MG road a terrible place.After that my visit to Kochi during my colleage days. We had a boating and enjoyed the great Wonderla (Veega Land).

Its a thrilling experience to go for late night movies, eating the chickens (which US throws to India) and of course the great ride in KSRTC Volvo bus . Being Kochi is a great and good if your wallet is full. You can attend the DJ parties held at Dream or enjoy a buffet at Holiday In and grand royal eve at Bubble cafe watching the marine drive. Its a privilege to being in Kochi.

Kochi is hot as well as cool too.

Kochi– Love You. Its hot and cool too..


A New Friend :)

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It’s around 365+ days I m here in The Queen of Arabian sea aka Kochi.  After Sayuj and Revath , my life is blessed with another person who name is Praveen. He is a man of all things. He can dance, sings, make fun and too innocent.

It was my days in IPIX, I met him and he was busy with doing Purchasing and marketing of our product there. He hails from Wayanad and then he had completed his engineering diploma from ITB (NEC) and works there for some time . He then comes to Calicut and joins here at IPIX.

One day he left IPIX and then I don’t feel anything because, we just works under one roof and different part of a same project.  This is because, when I joined there, he was sitting in a corner and suddenly he got some issues with his leg and went back to home.

He then continues his work after coming back, he stays in another room and I failed to maintain a proper communication or company with him. He put a notice there and one day he just that I m leaving from here. For an interview purpose, he came to my room and he got selected there and it was in Techno Park, Trivandrum.

But he was interested in another offer which was given to him from Info Park, Kochi. He comes with high expectations and future thoughts, he joined here. The life in this company might be witnessed one of turning point; our friendship is much harder.

First we are sharing a small room with as a paying guest and when it difficult for us to reach the home, we shifted to a nearby flat and stays together. He is now getting married and it might be happening on Sep 9, 2012. It  might b a grand day and God Bless him :)

With his reference, I joined Orion. We are in same team with different technologies and the team is shuffled and he is now working in some more advanced silver light technologies.

I don’t know how he self adaptable while sharing the room with me. Any way he is a good guy and good friend.

Now I am enjoying a Good friendship , and its now One year I

Best of luck dear :) God bless you both !

An Open Letter to Project

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Last sunday, while changing the channels, I saw a song from “Thattathin Marayath” in Amrita. But later I come to know that it was a program which discuss about the latest releases in Malayalam. I am very interested in all types of movies and also I saw the movie already, so I thought of continue watching the program till the end.


(X refers to the person who writes the script; vomited by the anchor).


Hi X,



Why I am sending this mail ?


Frustrated with the review which is reported by Amrita, about the film , I am expressing my comments based on the pros and cons which you had discussed in the film.

I just note down some points while watching it.



  • No Strong Story

The trailers, teasers, posters, director, actors  etc all say it as a love story. I feels that it is a similar type of movie like “Aniyathipravu”.  Similar type of story , but packed in an entirely different formula.


  • Character of Manoj K Jayan

Manoj K Jayan is a police officer and now a days we cannot see police officers

Who are always beating those who are coming to Police station.  Malayalam film is now in a real world and we need to come and think out of the box. The hero is not a thief or he can’t beat a 100 guys what we see in the film called “Second Show”. Kindly send me the Youtube link if you made an episode based on that.


  • Helmet Sail sponsored by Police

I don’t know did you travel in Ernakulam without helmets. There was a time (now also) that police will ask for bribes if you are not having helmets and travelling at night. Day time, they will catch and put fine, but night the fine is going to their pockets. So police officers can use their power and this helps them for doing such activities as mentioned in film. The latest news from says that some police officers were behind the dress code of passing out parade of new police officers recently. So these types of examples can be seen from real world.


  • Janamythri Police station

The name itself says its People friendly. So I couldn’t found anything bad on that. Also in India , a two matured persons can live and stay together. They can avail the aid of forces to lead a peaceful life.

  • Kalapani (2 children’s talk)

Kalapani is a sensational movie. The talks between two children are not a major problem because these can be happened. When my childhood Silk Smitha was major actress . So I didn’t find anything more there. Today’s children talk about 22 FK, Chappa Kurish


  • Hero and his friend

Nivin Pauly and Aju did a marvelous performance. Vinod is a typical person. Usually in cinemas, hero attracts heroine by his talents like music, stunts, knowledge etc. But here Vinod is a normal guy,a common person, and he feels an emotion towards the heroine. That emotion is called love.

But in that program, I heard that Vinod is having a sex attraction with Ayeesha. Beauty is a major part which plays a major role to start an affection. Hope you see the film “Beautiful”, in that Jayasuriya asks a question to the interviewer.

So kindly watch the movie.


  • Beauty of Heroine

Based on the costumes of anchor, I think she is a Muslim. But if she goes to Tellicherry or Kannur, she can find a lot of beautiful girls who are very beautiful than heroines . So I heard that she is more like a north Indian girl, not like a tellicherry girl. I can’t say anything about that, I m soory.




  • Love outside the barriers of the religion – OK
  • Cinematography – All the screens are lovable and heart touching.
  • Songs and beautiful scenes  – Shan Rahman rocks again.
  • It shows the helpless situation of Muslim girl

( Ayeesha enna penninu ninne orikkalum marakkanakilla, pakshe Ayeesha enna musliminu ninne maranney pattu).

  • Some blah blah..

I was very sad that you didn’t give importance to the 2,3 points.

There are many plus points but you can find a few. Please don’t put your ideas alone, discuss with your friends, crew also with the anchor.





I thought I only got irritated after your program. But while I check the amrita site, I can see a lot of post which are talking about this issue. All are blaming the anchor, but I know anchor is helpless, she just vomit what she read.

Please change yourself before analyzing others.



I don’t know you will read this. But this is my reply

The Story Teller

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Khalid Hosseini.

Yet another story who made a big impact on my mind after Paulo Colhelo (The Alchemist),M Mukundan (Kesavante Vilapangal); with his second story “A Thousand Splendid Suns” . The story was based on Afghanistan and its culture when the history witness the transition from a Republic nation to an uncivilized piece of land ruled by a group with cultured people.

The story was developing through Marium and his mom. His mom and her family was working as a servant for a big home in Herrat in Afghanistan. Marium was a result of unofficial relationship between the house owner Jaleel. When things are went bad, Jaleel send Marium and her mother to a place in the outskirts of  the city. The author can able to create a high enthusiasm in readers mind when he describes about Marium.The story will turn into next phase when Marium left her home and go to her father’s home without invitation.

The story was developed in such a way that major events will be supported by many of the events in Afghan history. The story gives a clear picture of two women in the afghan and during its political uncertainty as well as it gives a clear picture of Thaliban. During reading we feels that this incidents are visualizing in our mind like a film. I think I had read Kite Runner before and also saw the movie, that was a great movie which had gained a great appreciations from entire world.

Laila, the beauty of night as described the story was born when the Communist party gains power in Afghan. The second stage contains the child,adolescence life of Laila and Thariq . Laila and Thariq was classmates and more over close friends. The story enters the second part when the Afgan people starts fighting each other, due to the unexcepted failure of Soviet union. So the communist party in Afghan is destroyed an the country witness serious blood sheds .

People of Aghan is impressed by the Islamic Mujahid. They surprised when billionaires from Middle east left their entire earnings and fight for Mujahid. So the young also joined the movement resulted in formation of a army of young who die in the name of religion. The Taliban was formed by a orthodox Islamic Ideology people and results in the freedom of women in Afghan. Many many ancients books,statues etc which are not related to Islam put into fire . Here the third phase is started when Marium meets Laila.

Laila, and her family finally decided to migrate to Pakistan or other country, soon a serious blast takes the valuable life of her father,mother. She was seriously injured and stayed hospital for a long time. Marium’s husband Rasheed acts as a guardian for Laila and allowed to stay her in his home. Finally Rashid married Laila resulting an open fight between Marium and Laila. The part ends when the Laila and marium are became friends. The story continues.

With his two books, Kite Runner, Thousands Splendid Suns ; Khalid proves his a talent and love towards his nation, even though he was now belongs to United States . He is working as a doctor and migrated to California in 1980. He is living a peaceful life.


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